The Twist

  Pool Service with a Twist...

Designed for the Do-It-Yourselfer, but a good fit for any pool owner, our Filter Only Service is a quarterly service focused on keeping your pool filters clean and working efficiently through every season of the year.  After all, the pool filter is the “liver” of your pool system. A dirty filter leads to a sick pool... a clean filter keeps a pool healthy. We service the typical filter every quarter, keeping your filter clean ALL YEAR LONG while ensuring you can relax and never clean your pool filter again.
Less than $1 per day
This includes our 
Filter Cartridge Replacement Warranty
so you 
How does our program benefit you?
  • Never clean your pool filter again
  • Never pay for new pool filter cartridges *
  • A clean pool filter all year long
  • Off-site cleanings... reduce your water bill and no mess in your yard
  • Fewer pool water problems
  • Save money by using fewer chemicals in your pool 
  • Longer lasting pool equipment
  • Spend less money on untimely repairs
  • Keeps you informed on the status of your pool
  • Peace of mind that your pool is being managed by professionals! 


Filter Cleaning 

On our first visit we'll swap out your dirty filter cartridges for fresh ones. From that point on your filter will be serviced every season keeping it clean ALL YEAR LONG!

We clean the filters off-site which means a reduced water bill for you and no mess in your yard!

FREE Filter Cartridge Replacement

With our FREE Filter Replacement Warranty, as long as you’re a customer, you never pay for replacement pool filter cartridges again… we pick up the tab!

SAVE on average $300 -$600 on Cartridge Replacement

Pool Equipment Test and Inspection

On each visit we inspect and test your pool equipment for any potential problems such as plumbing leaks, cracked pump lids and o-rings, mechanical timer settings, and other critical equipment issues, to ensure everything is in good working order.

Visual Pool Inspection

We perform a visual inspection of your swimming pool to check the pool cleaner, skimmer and skimmer baskets,  pool finish, pool tile, and any other part of the pool that needs regular pool maintenance.

Service Notification and Pool Status Report

We email you a report giving you a quarterly update on the status of your pool. You’ll know your filter has been serviced and if there are any issues with your pool that need attention. If there are maintenance or repair issues that arise, we are always there for you. 

Our service and repair technicians are qualified to handle most pool problems, and if we can't, we can refer you to one of our many partners throughout the pool industry.

FREE Pool Service Consultation
Call Us! 916.773.4745
Schedule FREE Pool Service Consultation
Because of the proactive nature of our services, we can make it extremely affordable to protect your pool with our Proactive Pool Management approach. We offer all of the services described above for

Less than $1 per day!

This includes our Filter Cartridge Replacement Warranty so you Never Buy Filter Cartridges Again* !.

Any of our proactive services can also be added to our standard pool care offerings at an even greater discount! 
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