Filter Services

Our Filter Services are designed for the pool owner who has a handle on the weekly attention required by their pool, but wants someone else to manage routine filter cleanings and likes the idea of a pool professional checking on the pool every few months. 

Quarterly Filter Only Service - ($30/month)

  • Service Filter Quarterly - we service the main pool filter every quarter keeping the filter clean all year long and removing the number one source of unnecessary pool problems, a dirty or neglected filter.
  • Filter Replacement Warranty - never pay for replacement cartridges again! Most modern filter cartridges cost between $300 and $600 to replace. That's an expense you will never experience again! When the cartridges need to be replaced, we pick up the cost! (cartridge filters only)
  • Pool Equipment Checkup - each quarter when we service the filter, we also inspect and test the pool equipment.
  • Email Report - we send a written report by email notifying you the filter has been serviced and documenting the results of the pool equipment inspection. If there are any problems on the horizon, you will know about it before it gets out of hand. 

    $30/month - we service the pool filter 4 times a year. Includes warranty.
    $25/month - we service the pool filter 3 times a year. Includes warranty.
    $20/month - we service the pool filter 2 times a year. Does not include warranty.

    Chemical Testing - (add on $5/mth)

    • Water Chemistry Testing - on each of our visits to service the filter, we will test your pool chemical balance and the results will be included in your email notification along with any recommended adjustments to the water chemistry.

    Salt Chlorinator Cell Inspection - (add on $5/mth) 

    • Salt Cell Inspection - during each filter service, we will inspect the salt cell to see if it needs cleaning. The results will be included in your email. (additional charge to clean the cell)

    Annual Mineral Treatment - (add on $5/mth)

    • PoolRx - every year after the spring filter service, we will apply a PoolRx mineral based algaecide/clarifier treatment. This will treatment helps to fight off any algae and keep the pool sparkling clear all summer long.

    Filter Only Service Package - ($40/month)

    • Quarterly Filter Only Service
    • Quarterly Chemical Testing
    • Quarterly Salt Chlorinator Cell Inspection
    • Annual Mineral Treatment
    Combine any of the add on services listed above to create your own Package pricing.

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